Mix session @ Coop - Istanbul

Aşşk kahve - Istanbul

Music sound design Aşşk kahve

Muallim Naci Cad. No:64/B Kuruçeşme, Beşiktaş, İstanbul - Avrupa

Abdi İpekçi Cad. Milli Reasürans Çarşısı No:63 D:66 Nişantaşı, Şişli, İstanbul - Avrupa

Gezi Vibes

Istanbul experience - Gezi Vibes EP.

Mixtape - Constantinopolis 70's

I consider the 70’s as the golden age of the music industry.
Improvement in recording, better sound quality, huge development of the distribution sector…..and artistic directors  who still work with a concern of artistic quality, and it is true everywhere, even in Turkey.
Baris Manco was the first turkish artist I discovered from the 70’s….What a dude!!!(Thanks to Mert)
Since then i naturally started to dig a bit deeper and what I found bring me to this mixtape.
A pure selection of Funk-Folk-psyche-groovy turkish music.
I hope you will enjoy!!

La Petite Maison Istanbul

              Music sound design
              for La Petite Maison

Maçka Palas, Maçka Cad. No: 33B
34367 Şişli / İstanbul, TURKEY

My silence has a reason

Art installation by Ekin Onat.
Music by Melchior.


Art installation by Angelo Bucarelli
Sound design by Mert Aksuna, Memet & Melchior.
from september 15th 2013 until October 13th 2013.
Kucuk Mustafa Pasa Hamami, Mustantik sokak.
Cibali. Fatih. Istanbul

Delicatessen Istanbul

Sound design by Melchior.

Delicatessen Pera
Asmalımescit Mah. Oteller Sokağı, 10/B Beyoğlu
Tel. 0212 244 8455-56

Delicatessen Nişantaşı
Mim Kemal Öke Cad. No. 19 Nişantaşı
Tel. 0212 225 06 04


The use of sound to evoke emotion, reflect mood and underscore actions in plays and dances began in prehistoric times.
At its earliest, it was used in religious practices for healing or just for fun.

 Melchior is offering his musical consultancies for high level boutiques, Hotels, restaurants and also sound design for fashion shows.

Sound design is the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements. It involves the manipulation of previously composed or recorded audio, such as music and sound effects. In some instances it may also involve the composition or manipulation of audio to create a desired effect or mood.


Exercice en animation traditionnelle
Libre interprétation du mythe de l'androgyne de Platon
Animation : Cindy Lo
Musique : Melchior

Den restaurant - Istanbul

Sound design by Melchior.

Adres: Mim Kemal Öke cad. 1/d, Nişantaşı
Telefon: +90 212 224 24 70/ 71

Rule Dem - Sattas - remixed by Melchior

"Rule Dem" by Sattas. Remixed by Melchior.


Les 20 ans de l'ACID vu par les étudiants des Arts Déco (2) from École des Arts Déco - Paris on Vimeo.

Opening title for ACID (Association of independant cinema for its diffusion)
A film by Émilie Pigeard, Pierrick Greisbill and Cindy Lo.
Music by Melchior


Une narration photographique,
un photo-film post-apocalyptico-humano-incongru.
by Cindy Lo.

Tibetan experience - Tian Mian

Artwork by Cindy Lo

Red Circumstances

Animation sur pellicule.
animation without camera
by Cindy Lo


Exercise on abstract shapes.
From shape to psyche.
By Cindy Lo.

composer – producer – dj – sound designer.

Born in Paris in 1971, Melchior started his musical experiences as a melomane (music lover). After receiving a classical music education, he has made his first mix-tape at the age of 10 and never stopped until now.
His curiosity pushed him to explore every steps of the music industries. Graduated from the CIM (jazz school in Paris) , he has been the bass player of Puppa Leslie in the 90s. Also known as mselektor and Melki Man, Melchior has been very influenced by Radio Nova in Paris with Gilbr, Assassin, Kut killer, Lord Selko, NTM, FFF and the hospital ephemere...
Melchior is also a traveler and he spends the last 20 years between Europe and Asia. He brings the concept of Sound system in Beijing China as a DJ and co-founded the SunJam groove collective (jazz funk reggae dub). In France, he has been working at the virgin megastore of Champs Elysee and has been a production manager at Bagnolett Prod. He released an Album signed at Warner Jazz: "Biyouna - Raid Zone".
Back to China, he set up his own recording studio and collaborates with many Chinese artists such as Dadawa, Cuijian, Do Wei, Wang Lei. He also released his own album in 2005, a Tibetan electro project with the Tibetan singer Sonaomo.
Melchior also developed the concept of sound design for hotels (Gloria Plaza) restaurants (JazzYa) boutiques and fashion shows (Comme des garçons, Versolato, Galliano, Mushi) He collaborates with the sculptor and DJ Yom (Ardisong) on many special VIP events. They developed together the concept of Sound Sculpting.
Melchior is at present between Paris and Istanbul, developing sound design  and setting up Dj set and new musical project in Istanbul...
Awareness to new musical dimensions.